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​​Customized Training

*Prices will vary - please contact us for more details and quotes​

One-on-one Private Lessons

& Semi-private lessons 

With Oueslati SPORTSCHULE get the ultimate coaching experience Including: 

  • Unique customized sessions
  • Get evaluated & test your overall skills 
  • Provide constructive/positive feedback 
  • Fundamental & basic training for all levels
  • Individual development
  • Ball handling drills/skills
  • Improve coordination, agility, & fitness 
  • Focus on teamwork & interpersonal skills
  • Personal mentoring based on athlete's stated goals
  • Position-specific strategy (~U13+)
  • Prepare for the next level
  • Special Testing & Evaluation Available
  • Elite Group Program (U14 and below)
  • Elite Group Pro (U15 and above)