W​​here Athletes Thrive!

We are excited and proud to be a part of the ​​​​FSA family and community

and to be their exclusive soccer partner.  We are thrilled to help build FSA's soccer future

through the programs listed below.  We wanted our programs to be inclusive to all students

Pre-K, Elementary, Middle School, and High School in order to build a strong developmental program.

Please click on any below program to ensure you find the perfect fit for your student and have all the details. 

We also welcome siblings and parents to be part of this adventure and experience.  Help and support us by showing your interest, commitment, and involvement. 

In association with Fulton Science Academy we will be offering the following soccer programs:

Pre-K through High School Additional Planned Programs*

  • Additional Weekday Clinics during FSA Soccer Off-season (Indoor/outdoor)
  • Goal Keeper Clinics
  • Private Lessons (fitness, agility, coordination, skills, etc.)
  • Summer Camps & Winter Camps
  • International Soccer Tournament/Trip (with our affiliations in Europe & Africa)
  • College ID Camp and Showcase Tournament (Ages 15+)
  • (*Additional programs will be offered and established based on interest and request.  Please contact us for information and details).

These programs will not be able to be maintained and built as we are envisioning without you.  This will only work if FSA families, friends, community, and Oueslati Sportschule work together hand in hand to support these efforts.  Should you have any additional feedback to make our programs and offerings smother and improve to ultimately provide the best and highest quality to FSA students, please share.  Athlete to Coach Ratio: Our goal is to keep player to coach ratios balanced so that each individual player will have the attention and direction he/she needs to develop and become a better athlete.

We may identify high potential and highly skilled players (any age under 13) and invite them to our Elite Group Program that will further challenge individuals but in their respective environment.  The Elite Group Pro is considered for athletes age 13+.  This group is a combination of athletes that have graduated from our program or new athletes who have the desire and potential skill level to play at the professional level.

If you have any additional questions, concern, and or feedback please contact us today!  And should you need more details please also feel free to contact us.



Fulton Science Academy (FSA) Soccer Programs 2019-2020