W​​here Athletes Thrive!

​The Oueslati Sportschule believes in providing membership and program services to all who desire to participate.  Part of our philosophy is to not turn anyone away due to the inability to pay.  However, submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the Oueslati Sportschule's program.  Administration may choose to conduct face to face interviews, and request additional information in order to make a decision regarding admission.  The application fee is $99.  The other fees hereafter and agreed upon will cover primarily fields, insurance, lessons, and coaching.  In addition to this application and service fee, there is the uniform cost and personal equipment cost (cleats, shin guards, etc.) not covered by the Oueslati Sportschule.

Once you have submitted your application and you have been accepted, you are now officially a member of the Oueslati Sportschule valuing our mission, vision, and philosophy as well as have fully read, understood while agreeing & abiding by all of our terms & conditions, policies, guidelines, and expectations stated on our web site and contracts, or by any formal or informal communication.  

We can only continue to succeed with your stories/ testimonies, support, donations, gifts, partnerships, and your feedback to address your needs, likes, and uphold your satisfaction ......


In order to be considered and stay an active member of our organization we ask you to participate in at least one of our services and offerings monthly.  This will ensure account activity and avoid account closures and reactivation fee of $49 if an account has been inactive for more than 30 days.  As we value our members please be on the look out for special promotions and discounts through out the year and please help us by providing constructive, open, and honest feedback year round.