W​​here Athletes Thrive!

The Oueslati Sportschule exists to assist athletes learn to strive for excellence, better themselves on and off the field, become a better citizen and contributor to society, while also helping to ingrain values such as living a healthy lifestyle, having a strong work ethic, and maintaining discipline.  Athletes will learn to play sports at the highest level of their abilities with love and passion for the game.  Our mission and vision is a combination of our roots, core beliefs, ethics, sense of social responsibility, as well as past experiences and recognition for the growing demand of future leaders.

Oueslati Sportschule strives to achieve excellence through quality coaching, teaching, mentoring, and service in a healthy, positive, and safe environment.

Ultimately, Oueslati Sportschule will foster the development of a mix of caring, responsible, disciplined, and humbled but confident individuals with a sense of self-actualization & desire to contribute to society.  Additionally, we will nurture the ability to compete at the highest possible level.