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This program is designed to service players in the age range of 18 months to 3 years old and is centered on fun in order introduce children to the game of soccer and develop an early passion for the game.  Participants will learn the basics of soccer through fun, developmental games and techniques in a safe and encouraging environment. 

During program sessions, Parent participation is required in order to give our young players a sense of comfort.

18 Months – 3 Years Old: Oueslati Sportschule's Tykes Program

There is no skill level requirement for participation in the OST program.  The only requirement is a positive attitude and a readiness to have fun and learn!  Our curriculum will provide each participant with the tools necessary to develop and be productive, no matter their skill level. There are no set teams.   

The OST program is designed to develop confidence, a life-long love of the game of soccer, and an affinity toward a healthy lifestyle from an early age.  Each session is run as a parent/child clinic format and will have a professional trainer who will be assisted by the parent(s) of each player.  This is a great opportunity to be involved in your child's athletic development and growth as a soccer player. The program allows parents to spend quality time with their little ones as they learn and develop new skills.

Athlete to Coach Ratio: Our goal is to keep player to coach ratios low so that each individual player will have the attention and direction he/she needs to develop and become a better athlete.

If you have questions, contact the Oueslati Sportschule at info@oueslatisportschule.com or 404-279-2032.

To register for the OST program please contact us at register@oueslatisportschule.com or click below to get started!

*Prices may vary - please contact us for more details and quotes

- Develop early social and team building skills
- Promote foot-eye coordination
- Fun, age appropriate exercise techniques
- 45 minute sessions
- Parent participation required.

Oueslati Sportschule's Tykes  (OST)